Catherine Vo

Baker - Recipe Developer - Food Photographer

Catherine grew up in small-town Pennsylvania.  When she was younger, she had to beg her mom to let her help in the kitchen.  Once Catherine proved her skills, she was promoted to sous chef of the house, and occasionally, head chef!  She watched her grandma bake Vietnamese and French-influenced cakes and pastries.  These recipes remain some of her favorites.  

Catherine graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.  There, she took courses in food science and food movements.  She became a regular cook at her co-op and made ridiculous amounts of hummus and bread.  During her last year, she served as kitchen manager.  Catherine was a food writer and photographer for Spoon University at Berkeley.  She also worked at the Berkeley Food Institute.  

Catherine spent one summer in Palombara Sabina (outside of Rome) and Palazzuolo sul Senio (in Tuscany) living and working on small fruit farms.  She learned how to harvest fruit, build vegetable gardens, bake biscotti, craft jams, and drink wine.

After college, Catherine interned as a food scientist in New Holland, Pennsylvania.  She also assisted Chef Greg Gable.  In the spring of 2015, Catherine was named the winner of the first Infatuation Bake Sale, presented by Whole Foods Market.  In December, she was invited to participate as one of "15 of the country’s top pastry chefs and award-winning bakers" for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Family Fun Day.  Currently, she lives in NYC and works at Sir Kensington's on their product development team.